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Starting right with citrus trees

   This move was made before the arrival of the Asin citrus Leafe Miner or the Ash Whitefly.

Caring for citrus trees
ASh flies in Tempe AZ


The Asian Citrus Leaf Miner 1


The Asian Citrus Leaf Miner 2


Starting your citrus trees right


Common Citrus Diseases


Lemon Leaves Curling And Turning Yellow
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Citrus Tree Disease old but good info


Orange Tree Leaves Turning Yellow and Falling Off Mesa AZ


Dying Citrus Tree Ahwatukee AZ



Dying Citrus Tree Scottsdale AZ


Citrus Tree Diseases Leaf Curl Mesa


citrus leaves curling and turning yellow


Orange Tree Diseases Leaf Curl Mesa AZ


Orange tree pests and diseases


Orange tree diseases leaf curl



Pink Eureka Lemon Citrus Trees That Has Woodpecker Damage Call Us


    If you're having problems with your Citrus trees and you live within 50 miles of Mesa Az, you should probably have me out take a look at them, there are medicines that I can Inject the trees with, that will speed up the healing process..

   The average lifespan of a Citrus tree is approximately 50 years. Trees begin producing fruits sometime during their second through fifth growing season, and continue to produce fruit throughout their lifespan.

   Trees produce energy in their leaves in the form of sugar and oil, this energy is stored in the limbs, the trunk, and in the root system.

   When the leaves are damaged by insects, or the tree is over pruned the stored energy becomes depleted.

   I know from personal observation that it takes about five years to completely deplete the energy reserves of a Citrus tree, when that happens everything goes haywire, you usually get one good crop of citrus and then the fruit production declines.

   When trees are no longer able to produce the natural occurring insecticides in the leaves, or in the fruit, the fruit becomes more susceptible to fruit flies, and the roots can no longer protect themselves from the fungus in the Arizona soil. Also the Citrus trees develop problems with gummosis, this is particularly true with Grapefruit trees.

   A tree with a lot of healthy foliage produces more fruit. If it is particularly healthy, it is possible for Citrus trees to live as long as 100 years.

   The main reason that citrus trees live so long is that the insects that bring diseases to them have natural occurring predators, so if a Citrus tree is infected with a harmful insect, within two or three years, a good bug that eats the bad bugs will take care of the problem, that is why in the past, insects we're not really much of a problem for Citrus trees.

   However, that has all changed, there are two insects which are now in the Phoenix area that have no natural predators.

   One is the Asian Citrus Leaf Miner, a very small moth from Vietnam and the second insect is called the Ash Fly a small white fly from the Mediterranean, which arrived in the valley about 12 years ago. To learn about these insects watch the videos on this page.

   The safest way to control insects in fruit trees, is with something that will not harm the fruit. I believe that oils work best.

   Oils work by smothering soft-bodied insects, However the Asian Citrus Leaf Miner is hard-bodied. luckily the moth only lives for about 3 weeks, So if you spray the trees three times -seven days apart - three times a year you can do a good job of controlling the insects that damage the leaves on your citrus trees.

   We now understand -in part- how a trees immune system works.

   Every cell of every plant contains enzymes that dissolve fungus, bacteria, and viruses. These enzymes are the same as the enzymes in our spit that dissolves meat.

   Normally a tree has a strong immune system, but when the reserve energy of a tree becomes depleted due to damaged leaves, incorrect watering, or improper pruning, the immune system suffers. Under normal circumstances, once these issues are resolved, and if the tree survives, everything will go back to normal in two to four years.

   There are medicines that I can use that will speed up the healing process.

    If you're having problems with your Citrus trees, and you live within 50 miles of Mesa Az, you should probably have me out take a look at them.

    You should also download these instructions on how to deal with the insects that are damaging your Citrus trees.

These are the instructions to download.




I hope you found this page about Ash Tree Diseases in Mesa AZ useful. If you have any questions about Tree Disease please contact our Tree Service to schedule an appointment. We have been treating sick trees for over 50 years. We currently serve, Mesa AZ, Gilbert AZ, Chandler AZ, Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ and all of Maricopa County AZ.